Only after mental fatigue is relieved can we continue to practice and accept it.

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It’s a pity that after returning to Muye Village, whether it’s Lu Jiu or four generations of Huo Ying needs to deal with a lot of things. There is no…


However, Jin Pingfu has been interested in doing business all his life, and has devoted a lot of energy and wealth to business. On wealth, Jin Pingfu’s smashing into the sea can set off a tsunami and drown Zheng ‘an City, but his power can be regarded as the middle reaches of Zheng ‘an City.

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Because Jin Pingfu is rich as an enemy, many forces can rely on Jin Pingfu to make a comeback when they are lonely, and they will not easily provoke him….


Rogge covered his mouth and couldn’t help crying out. There are monsters in this light Ri! No, what the hell is going on here? How can there be such a humanoid creature in this world?

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"What the hell is this? There are also shaped monsters in this world? " Rogge asked the little black Black is also a blank face. "No, how can there be…


Feng Yang is not afraid to take out the sunset bow and display the’ heavenly serial vector’ of advanced Wushu that has just become a Xuanjie.

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The sunset bow strengthens the power of the heavenly serial arrow and gets three arrows greatly. At the same time, the three arrows are ejected from the sunset bow, all…


"Masato will fight if it wants to fight. You are so late today. Why don’t you make a move now?"

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Master Zhou Shan shouted at Masato lightly. Although he urged Masato to push, he was still a light cloud. "Zhou Shannian, you’re old, you go first." Masato said slowly in…