Tengqingshan also frown thoughtfully.

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Suddenly Teng Qingshan recalled the first time he chased the red scale cub, which climbed a high mountain and then jumped from the cliff. "No!" Teng Qingshan moved in his…


Now Ye Han obviously failed to master this point. When he can have starlight, he can practice the root method in his spare time and cast the star cold tactic.

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Lengling didn’t know this, so he decided that Ye Han had been practicing like this, and it wouldn’t be long before he could practice successfully. Because Ye Han practiced silently,…


However, Guo stepped on the tiger and searched for the mountains, which brought out the vitality, but it made the strength feel weak on his shoulders, and when the gun was full of strength, punching the opponent’s arm actually caused a slight strain on his arm muscles.

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Xie Cunguan doesn’t know if he can practice shaking his strength as Guo stepped into the country. However, these strengths are the foundation of Kung Fu. If there is no…


"That you still want to do? Do you want to even let me go? " Li Laoda looked at Brother Gan and asked, making him look great. Maybe it was Zhang Yang at ordinary times.

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"Ha ha isn’t it must be! Brother Shen, you can’t even educate your own brother well. You say you owe it or not! Beating you is a mild paralysis. I’ve…