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"That you still want to do? Do you want to even let me go? " Li Laoda looked at Brother Gan and asked, making him look great. Maybe it was Zhang Yang at ordinary times.

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"Ha ha isn’t it must be! Brother Shen, you can’t even educate your own brother well. You say you owe it or not! Beating you is a mild paralysis. I’ve seen more of what you pretend to be than a small local strongman like you! I don’t think you should do it in this street, or you should bring your family first! " Dry elder brother smiled and shook his head, reprimanded and stared at Li Laoda with his eyes.
Li Laoda’s heart was scared when he was seen by the dry brother. Now he can clearly feel that the dry brother is domineering. He has a very ominous premonition that I am afraid that my life is finished and I have a hard time today, but I still want to return to my face and pretend to be forced. "Yo, what a big breath! I want to see what you can do to me in Ganshui Street today!"
Li Laoba immediately turned to Li Wuliu and ordered, "You two horses call someone for me and say that the Lao family is bullied and can come to Ganshui Street. Whoever doesn’t come to hum will have their own good life!"
"It’s … big … big brother …" Those two idiots didn’t know whether they really understood it or whether they were pretending to be real anyway. They had to order them to spread ducks and run out quickly for fear that Li Laoer and Li San would be beaten all over the floor.
The two of them just walked to the door. They saw six off-road vehicles screeching and stopped at the door of the food store, and then the door was "banged". After thirty strong men in black closed, the door was "banged" uniformly, and they quickly surrounded the food store. They caught a glimpse of the ghosts of Li Si and Li Wu, and they knew that it was not a good thing, so they were detained and taken into the food store. At this time, the onlookers were attracted by the harsh brakes outside, and they all looked out strangely! Just to see Li Hushan and their unified decoration, inch plate’s resolute eyes were especially taken back, and Li Si Li Wu immediately fried the pot and kept discussing something.
"Brother Gan, are these things bullying my mother?" Li Hushan entered the room and looked at it. Chapter 66 Let you call the police.
Chapter 66 Let you call the police!
Li Laoda is still confident in his heart. Seeing the scene at the door, he can’t help shuddering. He is becoming more and more puzzled. What kind of person actually has this kind of energy? I haven’t heard of such a dragon in Ganshui Town, or is it a great god from the outside?
"Eldest brother … help us! Eldest brother … help us …" When Li Laoda was immersed in thinking, he was heard by two loyalty hall brothers and Li Sida shouted at him for help. They didn’t go through any field at first sight, but they just cried and cried.
"grass! Shut them both up! Mom, adults talk less than babies! " Li Hushan can see that the original dry elder brother met a local strongman, and no one dared to brush his hair with the dry elder brother in the harbor. Don’t bully him when he got to his hometown this time. From the side, this is not what Li Hushan is doing, but the loyalty hall site is now plain, and Li Hushan was sent here by the dry elder brother to be the boss! Now that someone has found his boss, can he not be angry!
"Dare to ask brother which way is it?" Li Laoda looked at five big three thick tiger eyes and eagle eyebrows. Li Hushan is obviously much more polite than dry elder brother, because compared with dry elder brother Li Hushan, this dress is not divided into people.
Li Hushan squinted at Li Laoda and didn’t suck at it. He shrugged off it and snorted. "Hum which way? I get along with everything! You are in charge of it! "
"Ha ha ….. brothers are joking … my surname is Li. What’s the bad hospitality here? Please forgive me a lot …" Li Laoda smiled and posted a cold ass. If he were in the ordinary people, he would have been angry, but in the face of Li Hushan’s evil spirit, he could be scolded and had to accompany him to smile and pretend to be a grandson.
"What the fuck are you talking about? Get out of here with you when you have no time!" Li Hushan stared at Li Hushan swearing and then turned and smiled and walked towards the dry elder brother dad "uncle, are you all right? I’m late … "
"Ha ha Hu Shan, I’m all right … I have Xiaotian …" Master got up with a smile when he saw Li Hu Shan coming.
Li Hushan hurriedly helped the master "Don’t … don’t sit up …" How can he let the eldest father get up to meet himself as a younger brother?
"Come on, Master Hushan, there’s nothing to do. Let’s get down to business. Someone challenged us that we can’t get out of this door without paying 100 yuan for this order!" Dry elder brother smiled to Li Hushan with the wave.
"Depend! Why do you still want to buy and sell? I don’t want to buy this dish today, but I have to go out and see who can stop it! " Li Hushan didn’t fight as soon as he heard the gas. At that time, he was angry and slammed the table directly, kicking off the legs in front of the table and staring at Li Laoda.
"Ha ha ….. bro joking … this is a fair deal. You can’t buy it without giving money to buy overlord dishes. Where are we? We have to be reasonable. It’s not …" Li Laobai was confronted with a hard crop this time, and he tried to defend himself as much as possible while trying to please him, because the onlookers were all people from Ganshui Town. He used to be a Ganshui Town, but he was uncompromising. Now he was forced to install it or not. Then who else in Ganshui Town was Li Laoba!
"You his niang also ration my eldest brother reasonable? ! I’ll tell you where my big brother is. My big brother is Richard! I won’t pay for this dish today. Why? !” The most annoying thing about Li Hushan is that these small local strongmen in villages and towns don’t have much real things to rely on, and they have a little power to do evil. If it weren’t for these places being too remote to touch Li Hushan, they would have been destroyed with people.
"You also don’t go too far! I’m trying to be nice, but I don’t look at this place as my friends! This is Ganshui Town. I’m Li Laoba, but you can’t run wild! " Li Laoba saw Li Hushan’s aggressive intransigence and immediately tore his face and replaced the face of San Sun just now with a cruel scold a way.
"Yo, so awesome, I’m so scared … what do you say we do? Is it a one-on-one hit or a group fight? ! You can pick any one here! " Li Hushan pointed to the thirty loyalty hall players behind him and said to Li Laoda that he would be interesting to see how capable this Li Laoda is.
"You … you … you have so many people bullying me. Is it so one-on-one hit?" Boss Li is not stupid either. He knows that he will suffer if he comes so hard, so he can put it off now and wait for help.
"Yeah, I won’t bully you. Let’s fight one-on-one this time. Come here …" Li Hushan smiled and nodded, and then rushed Li Laoba to hook his fingers, making Li Laoba tremble all over. He still has a set of tricks to play with women. Of course, it’s not how to survive for two minutes, but against a strong man like Li Hushan, he has no room to fight back. Li Hushan can send him to the West with both fists!
"No … no … I won’t fight with you … you are so much taller than me …" Li Laoba shook his head in fear and kept swinging like a drum with Bo lang. It is better to let her hit the wall directly than to have a good time without being tortured.
Li Hushan is going to eat Li Laoba. How can he escape easily? So he strode a few steps before and rushed to Li Laoba’s side, grabbed him and led him away. "Mom is fatter than you!" Li Hushan scolded and knocked on Li Laoda’s beer belly. "Isn’t this what you just asked for? Now let’s fight one-on-one and I can warn you. I won’t care if you hit me or not, I’ll hit you anyway!" Say that finish lift tiger fist "bang" a dozen Li Laoda face alongside of.seem Li Laoda immediately to take blood.
"Blare … flow … bleeding …" Li Laoda first whined and then raised my hand and touched his nose. A scarlet liquid flowed from his nostrils, stained with red. When his fingers saw the blood, they immediately stammered in horror. It was as if others didn’t know it. Everyone except him knew it clearly because everyone wanted to have such a day!
"You his niang old play house for you! I tell you that bleeding is a matter of credulity and not believing in old age and killing you directly! " Li Hushan didn’t pay attention to this one. He swung his hand and punched his mouth and cursed.
"Ouch … hit people … it’s going to kill people … call the police quickly …" It didn’t take long to see Li Laoda’s deadly face and it turned into his second brother Li Laoer’s rotten sample. Li Hushan dragged her and couldn’t even hum. Li Laoer’s daughter-in-law screamed in horror that she was going to plan Li Laoda to take it out on her. Because she had been in Ganshui Town, there was no Li Laoda who couldn’t handle things. She never thought that this time, but she miscalculated Li Laoda had not lost her temper and was directly.
"Are you a LaoNianMen call a chicken-call? ! Call again and fan your face! " A member of the Loyalty Hall glared angrily at the middle-aged Sao-the bitch shouted, scaring the middle-aged bitch with a frightened face. There, her mouth was squeaking for a long time without popping a word 3.
"Ha ha, I told you before. Be gentle with women. Why are you so violent? If she wants to call the police, let her do it, or we’ll have to compensate for the mental loss in case she scares people! Besides, we are not afraid of breaking the law! " Brother Gan smiled and waved his hand to stop it. Brother Gan didn’t want to finish it with a simple meal. Now that it’s over, it’s necessary to make a big deal out of it and let Li Laoba and them finish it completely!
Almost everyone was confused by what Brother Gan said. This mother is also very overbearing. You dare to let the police come when you hit someone, and it’s absolutely underworld. If the police come, it’s better to have Li Hushan, the loyalty hall players, in their hearts because they clearly follow Brother Gan, not to mention the small police station. Even the armed police dare to do it!
"You … you … didn’t lie to me?" The middle-aged Sao-bitch still looks puzzled. It’s not that she doesn’t believe in the elder brother. She doesn’t believe that people who have been beaten dare to call the police. This is not rampant but extremely rampant.
Gan Ge Nai smiled and asked, "Did I cheat you?"
The middle-aged bitch really didn’t lie to her when she came into the house from the elder brother. She just asked her to call the elder brother Li Laoda. She didn’t break her word at all, which didn’t stop her from calling people. Unfortunately, although people were called, a bunch of cowards didn’t give strength, so she can turn to the people’s police now. Didn’t she say that it was difficult to find the police before? This time she was really in trouble
"That … that I hit ha …" Middle-aged bitch walked back to the counter with trepidation step by step and turned to look at the dry elder brother and inquired that he had never dared to take the words for fear that dry elder brother would go back on his word.
"Well … let them hurry up and come here. There are so many people waiting!" Dry elder brother smiled and nodded and motioned for her to hurry up.
Although Li Laoer’s wife is still not sure in her heart, she still picked up the words in trembling hands and pressed the three numbers for a while and then shouted in a hurry, "Is it … is it the police station ?.. Come on … People are dying here …"
When the policeman over there heard that there was going to be a murder case, he quickly asked cautiously, "Don’t worry, madam, please tell me the specific location?"
"Let’s street second greengrocer’s distance from the police station is five or six hundred meters. Come on …" The middle-aged bitch was so anxious that she almost cried. Her only idea now is to escape this broken place. She doesn’t want to stay for half a minute.
"The second child greengrocer?" When the police answered the phone, they muttered something about the energy of Ganshui Town, the five brothers of Li Family. Who didn’t know that there was a general accident there? Because everyone in the area knew that it was an alarm, they didn’t say, "Grandma, this Li Laoer is really crazy!" And then answered, "Uh-huh, I know that our horse will arrive at Chapter 661. I was wrong, big brother!