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Xiao yue sighed, "Master, heads of families, they … are waiting in line."

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"Line up? What are you doing in line? " Small is strange.
"Just go in and have a look." Xiaoxin gently pulls the small hand judo. "If the master hadn’t given us two pulp-washing pills, I’m afraid we would have to rely on magic weapons to hang our lives like them now."
This deep mountain and dense forest is full of towering trees, snakes, insects, poisonous ants, and the soil is also wet, soft and full of toxicity. The ten-hole demon family has established this shelter very reluctantly. I followed the two little foxes all the way in and felt that the road was getting narrower and rougher. It took me more than ten minutes to hear xiao yue say "the master has arrived"
Small forward a look immediately opened his mouth and couldn’t say a word.
At present, there is a fairly wide hall. There is nothing in the hall, but there is a tall wooden platform. The statue of humanoid blood jade is placed squarely. This dimly lit hall emits soft white light.
While Taiwan is densely covered with all kinds of grotesque monsters. These monsters sit cross-legged, although crowded, but seem to be orderly. They carefully distinguish one monster from another, and form a small square according to the strict division of ethnic groups. At this moment, from here, I just saw a waist crawling over and winding my body respectfully. Suddenly, my body was covered with humanoid blood jade, and the white light seemed to penetrate her body. When I looked at this scene, I suddenly remembered taking drugs.
I’m afraid those drug addicts are just this satisfied expression.
"Now is the time when the snake clan absorbs its vitality," xiao yue gently explained. "This humanoid blood jade should be extended by nearly half of the demon clan, so everyone must set good rules and distribute it properly."
Sure enough, the snake lady only stayed for five minutes before coming, and then another snake lady swam past.
I looked a little scared and asked, "Can’t you live without it all day?"
Xiao yue nodded. "Master, to tell you the truth, I’m afraid more than half of the demon race can’t live without it. If there is no human blood jade, I’m afraid the demon race will lose nearly half of its population one day."
Small frown way "but this time I want to humanoid blood jade acrobatics theory such as also want a month"
Xiao yue looked a little dim and low. "Actually … we demon race know how to repay kindness more than human beings … if the owner asks, even if they lose again, they will not refuse."
Small took a deep breath and whispered, "you mean …"
"My girl is right." The singer’s hoarse voice rang out. "They can have their present situation thanks to the door owner. They won’t have any opinions if the door mainly recovers the human blood jade."
Small eyebrows suddenly twisted into Sichuan characters.
He has his own stubbornness in this human nature, but he can’t bear to kill the island that day and fix the truth that day. He can never flinch and never turn back. At this moment, he can’t make up his mind in the face of just a few weak goblins.
"Little brother, they’re … a little miserable." It’s a light rainbow. "If you take away the humanoid blood jade, they will all die."
Ning Xiang also nodded. "I have never thought that monsters have such a side since I was a child."
Xiao Yun didn’t speak, but her attitude was fully expressed by the unbearable expression in her eyes.
Trail "but small bamboo …"
Ning Xiang glared at him and said, "Little Bamboo Girl is a life. Aren’t they lucky enough to live?"
Light rainbow also frown way "little brother this thing is very difficult ….."
Xiao yue and Xiaoxin swallowed nervously. Although they dared not say a word, their hearts pounded.
The heavenly king sighed, "You don’t hesitate, the world is getting thinner and thinner. Even if you save us for a while, you can’t save us forever. You’d better go back and save the little bamboo girl with humanoid blood jade, and we should be satisfied with your hesitation."
He suddenly grabbed his little hand and shook it twice. "I want to tell you that you are the most respectable person I have ever seen!"
Chapter 13 Mo Jing Miracle
Chapter 13 Mo Jing Miracle
Small bullet way "then what do you do?"
Once the king made a decision, he looked relaxed and laughed. "It’s not too pessimistic. When I correct all the masters of the ten holes, I can go to fight vigorously and maybe I can grab a piece of land back."
The little look changed several times. "Why don’t I help you grab it?"
King Xi said, "Good!"
Xiao Yun was surprised and said, "Don’t be ridiculous, younger brother!"
Light rainbow also said, "Little brother, robbing the site and destroying the ancestral hall are the most taboo things of the sect. You can forgive me if you choose the door Lord once in a day and occasionally help the monsters stand out. If you help them rob the site, you will completely fall into the magic road."
The two men were stingy when they spoke.
King also some dim murmured "alas, heaven and earth reiki is heaven and earth reiki ….."
Suddenly, I felt a flash of light in my head and couldn’t help but lose my way. "Yes, isn’t it the aura of heaven and earth?"
He quickly reached into his arms and took out a bottle of Wan Yun. "Don’t you think this is the aura of heaven and earth?"
Light rainbow and Xiao Yunqi drew a gasp and grabbed the little arm quickly. "Little brother (younger brother), don’t mess around!"
Even Ningxiang, who has always looked at small things, turned white with fear. "Master, you … you want to destroy hundreds of mountains?"
Xiaoli earned two women and explained, "You are mistaken. This is not the bottle."
"Oh?" The three beauties looked incredulous and stammered, "Master, you’re careful with the wrong bottle."
Little sigh in distress situation took out the other two bottles and said, "Here, watch this."