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Feng Yang is not afraid to take out the sunset bow and display the’ heavenly serial vector’ of advanced Wushu that has just become a Xuanjie.

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The sunset bow strengthens the power of the heavenly serial arrow and gets three arrows greatly. At the same time, the three arrows are ejected from the sunset bow, all of which are spinning rapidly as if drilling through the long and screaming.
Grace serial vector degree is extremely after the sunset bow strengthening rapidly suddenly shot to the front of the three Wu Zun brothers.
In the face of these three arrows, the eyes of the three Wu Zun brothers are full of disdain. Although the degree is good, they are not as ordinary as Huaguang’s extraordinary splendor. Perhaps even the protective cover of Yuanli can break through the lack of fear.
However, a moment
Three Wu Zun brothers watched in horror as a small hole suddenly broke out, and Yuan Li’s protective cover came to a wave of pain. Soon, they felt that Yuan Li was running like a ebb tide, and at the same time, he shot a blood arrow at the moment.
"How is that possible?" Three Wu Zun are not horrified. Can this plain three arrows hurt your body without breaking the protective cover of Yuanli? Moreover, according to common sense, three arrows are equivalent to dividing the original power into three parts, which is seriously insufficient.
It’s like power ten is divided into three parts, and each part has power three.
However, they all don’t know that it’s a heavenly serial arrow. Although it’s three arrows, it’s also a high-order martial art of Xuanjie. Even though it doesn’t have a gorgeous coat, the sharp rotating arrow has unparalleled penetration. It’s because the protective cover of Wu Zun Yuanli can’t stop the penetrating power of the heavenly serial arrow that the protective covers of three Wu Zun Yuanli are not broken, but there is a small hole and they are pierced into the body.
Cao Dong is also a face of horror. Looking at the sudden body being penetrated and bleeding, three Wu Zun’s eyes almost pop out.
Everyone else was dumbfounded, and their hearts were filled with horror. It seemed to them that three Wu Zuns were instantly injured and were made by one hand. What an incredible thing.
"The champion of the martial arts club is really not a junior. It seems that he has been rewarded by the martial arts club and has been hunting Warcraft for two months. His strength has improved greatly."
"Our choice seems to be wrong."
"I hope there is room for manoeuvre, and then we’d better go back to the war hall and Yang Ge will treat us well. It’s a bit wrong for us to betray him."
A group of people were whispering with horror, but no one dared to help.
They are still in horror and can’t extricate themselves from the international wind, but they don’t stop. The sunset bow is flat in the middle, and the bowstring is pulled in one hand to instantly emit three heavenly serial vectors.
Although it’s just the practice of Tianxuan’s serial vector realm, it’s still not very skilled, and the power of three arrows in unison has not reached a considerable level, but it’s more than enough to have a sunset bow blessing to deal with three martial arts brothers.
Xuanjie’s advanced archery, Wushu, sunset bow’s emission, both the degree and the power of rotation are not small. Three of them were pierced in the chest and were still in shock. Wu Zundi forgot to dodge and was once again pierced by three arrows, bringing out a blood arrow. The body was already crumbling.
"Cao Donglun, it’s your turn." Feng Yang pulled the bowstring with three arrows pointing to Cao Dong in the same place.
"We are a unified heaven and man. You are suspicious today to challenge the unified heaven. Fan Tong will not let you go." Cao Dong tried to take out the unified heaven to suppress the wind.
"Noisy" but his wishful thinking is obviously to hit the wind. Yang didn’t continue to talk nonsense. At the moment when the fairy serial arrow launched the loose bowstring, three arrows suddenly turned and shot at Cao Dong.
Cao dongyang raised his sword and suddenly chopped it forward. In the sword awn, it suddenly appeared "bang". One arrow was chopped and turned into a gas. However, every arrow of the heavenly serial arrow was spinning rapidly.
Cao Dong’s sword slashes the sword with sharp arrows, which is like being stirred by a blender. Generally, the sword is shattered by the earthquake and flies out, and the body dallies back a few steps.
But the remaining two arrows are projected through his protective cover at the moment, leaving the protective cover with two small holes, and the protective cover disappears like a flood.
Cao Dong and the other three Wu Zuns are one to three Wu Zuns, and at this time, the wind is already five Wu Zuns. The strength level alone is much higher than their fighting capacity. It is several grades stronger than them. Moreover, the cooperation of Xuanjie senior Tianxuan serial arrow sunset bow has been unnecessarily inferior to the primary Wushu power. How can they shake the wind?
Cao Dong’s body was pierced by two arrows in horror, and the rotating arrows kept sputtering strong gas when they were rapidly spinning, which caused the projective force to drill his body function badly, so that he could unite his life force to fight back.
At this time, the battle between Huatian and Rowling is near the end. Huatian has a terrace primary Wushu and two sets of Xuanjie advanced Wushu. Although the terrace primary Wushu can’t be displayed at will, the two sets of Xuanjie advanced Wushu can be put to good use, and it is quite special and rare. It is not difficult to deal with two Wu Zun with paralysis.
When the golden snake thunder dance came out, the lightning flash was extremely high. After several times, the two Wu Zun dodged, they were already stretched. Finally, they were struck by lightning from the golden snake thunder dance, not only their bodies burst, but also their bodies were paralyzed by thunder. They could move by snakes and hit their bodies, and they were finally miserable.