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Seeing Bai Qiu struggling now, Wu Moyu suddenly took Bai Qiu into his arms. "It’s okay. We are partners. We all believe in you. If you don’t want to talk, don’t force yourself."

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"Yes, Bai Qiulun, if you don’t harm us, it’s a bad person if someone just wants to see you and take it away," said Lu Feixiong with a smile.
"No one can take you away if you don’t want to go," Qi Hong said coldly.
"Bai Qiu, if you are willing to tell us, we will certainly listen, but now don’t be hard on yourself. You will always be a member of our team." Qi Zheng also spoke out to comfort Bai Qiu, whose eyes were full of tears. "Thank you, Colonel. Thank you for giving Bai Qiu a little. Bai Qiu will tell you."
Zhang Tao is still silent. He doesn’t know what to say to the Tathagata. The consolation is that this team seems to be gradually alienated. Zhang Tao wry smile. After all, people have established deep feelings and it is a kind of estrangement to show their identity by their own methods. However, it also hurts their feelings. Their goal is to exercise their spirit. On the contrary, Zhang Tao wants them to ask the government team all day because they have very good potential.
After two and a half days, when the sun was shining brightly, I finally came to the magic star forest, where the trees are skinny but very tall and the thickest trees are just strange in wrist thickness. Some purple and white flowers will shrink like mimosa if they are touched lightly.
This is a strange forest, and the Star Valley has the Chinese plant Star Flower. You can see several stars here. It is also a treasure house of nature. Many cherished plants are mostly non-aggressive.
Almost all of the unique animals are to make the magic star forest better and unique. Only Kunta is an aggressive forest king and a magic star forest, and no one dares to provoke the overlord.
Everyone took out the map and finally confirmed that Wu Moyu was attacking because her breath was hidden. Zhang Tao also secretly nodded. She did have the potential to kill except for fear of blood.
Of course, due to the danger of Kunta, Lu Feixiong also took out several drugs to give Wu Moyu a key to keep his life at all times. Qi Hong is a distant insurance. If Kunta is still awake, Qi Hong will shoot arrows to attract Kunta’s attention and give Wu Moyu less time to fight for it.
Zhang Tao is still responsible for protecting Bai Qiu, and Qi Zhenghe Lu Feixiong lurks in the grass not far away. It is absolutely simple not to disturb Kunta this time.
Kunta curled up together. This animal likes to sleep very much. The saliva in its dream is fragrant. Many insects and ants will be attracted to it. Its huge body is like a rhinoceros magnified ten times. The only difference is that it has blue scales.
Its huge mouth has a light blue grass that looks like an orchid but attracts attention with a slight fluorescence. This is the target dream saliva grass this time!
At the same time, Wu Moyu has quietly sneaked into the past, and even the mosquitoes around her have not been disturbed. She is still three or four meters away from the dream saliva grass, which makes everyone hold their breath. It will be successful to get closer and closer. Wu Moyu has a little sweat on his forehead, and she can even smell Kunta’s breath.
Zhang Tao is extremely dull. Suddenly Zhang Tao looks at Bai Qiuqiao’s face behind him. "What’s wrong with you, Brother Taozhang?" She Zhang Tao is looking at her, but Zhang Tao is speaking. She feels that someone is following these people behind her, which makes Zhang Tao feel very familiar with them. There is no doubt that she met Cao Zun and others in the mercenary reception hall at that time.
I didn’t expect them to wait here until Qi Zheng entered before taking revenge. It’s absolutely unpredictable to kill the righteous alliance in such a lonely place, let alone punish evil.
"Nothing" Zhang Tao knows but can’t stop it. If Zhang Tao’s spirit really reaches a high level, then such a situation can be solved unnoticed.
During this period of following Qi Zheng, Zhang Tao also entered the Missuta, but Zhang Tao thought of a good solution. If you want to improve your spirit in a short time, you need not only to change your determination, but also to treat yourself harshly.
Zhang Tao needs to find something or a special animal. If he can find one, Zhang Tao’s short-term spirit will be greatly improved.
After completing this, the mercenary will definitely go to the auction. Maybe Zhang Taoke can find something that belongs to him. If not, he can only secretly inform Wan Baozhai of his identity without any cost.
Although this time, Zhang Taofa went all the way to the ruins, even if he exercised himself, it was not bad. Zhang Tao wanted to leave their team, but he found that their potential was precious and Zhang Tao had to plan some small changes for his future.
Wu Moyu has been getting closer and closer to Kunta for two meters and one meter. At this time, the tail behind him, Cao Zun and others really started work. I have to say that they are very careful. Even if they are stronger than Qi Zheng’s team, they still choose to anger the sleeping Kunta, so they can fuel the fire and grasp it. They pursue it in case they lose it.
You know, Kunta will be furious when she is awakened from a deep sleep, even if she is born at the peak, Kunta will not be willing to fight. Only the venerable master can grasp the victory. I am afraid that Qi Zheng’s team is in danger of dying in the face of such animals.
You don’t need a strong attack, you need a sign of trouble. The fact that Cao Zun’s team made an instant discovery. After all, everyone is attentive and solemn.
The most sensitive thing is that Wu Moyu, who is closest to Kunta, suddenly wakes up when everyone’s face changes! Ow, anger, roar, crimson eyes can see its extreme anger
Bai Qiu’s conscious grip on Zhang Tao’s shoulder shows that she is worried. At the same time, Qi Hong’s arrow has roared out and Qi Zheng’s face has become extremely difficult to see "Cao Zun!"
"Enjoy it slowly. If you are lucky enough to win, we will wait for you outside." Cao Zun-chieh has not hidden in the distance. Feng Yi looked at Zhang Tao bloody and licked his lips. "I hope you can only torture you when you are old." He ignored his threat to Zhang Tao.
In this situation, I’m afraid I have to expose my identity, right? Zhang Tao, a member of this team, doesn’t want them to get hurt, which is a huge loss.
At this time, Lu Feixiong, who had been silent, suddenly yelled, "Head, you go first. I have an idea." Qi Zheng made the right choice at the first time when he heard Lu Feixiong’s words. Although he didn’t want to, he had to go now.
Seeing that Lu Feixiong took out a bottle of exotic Dan medicine and swallowed one in an instant, his face became like the bottom of a pot. "You actually ate it?" Qi Hong was shocked and said in the distance
Although Zhang Tao wants to ask, is it true that this time, Lu Feixiong will soon leap from the level of martial arts master to the level of congenital condition? Although it is only the level of five qi and Yuan Dynasty at most, this leap is still quite terrible.
"Go first!" Qi Zheng bit his teeth and left with the members.