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However, Guo stepped on the tiger and searched for the mountains, which brought out the vitality, but it made the strength feel weak on his shoulders, and when the gun was full of strength, punching the opponent’s arm actually caused a slight strain on his arm muscles.

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Xie Cunguan doesn’t know if he can practice shaking his strength as Guo stepped into the country.
However, these strengths are the foundation of Kung Fu. If there is no play to support it, no matter how deep the Kung Fu is, it will also be a blind light. Bai La’s kung fu is completely blind!
Guo stepped on Lu’s cannon boxing and beat off Su Nai, which had already taken the lead. At this time, it was possible to let this opportunity go in vain. As soon as Su Nai retreated, he immediately rushed over with a step and walked out of Xingyiquan civet cat tree before he got close.
The civet cat tree came from the collapse of Xingyi Boxing, but if it can turn around, it can go straight.
Guo stepped on Lu here, but the civet cat tree was hard and Tianmen was forced into the body and forced Su Nai to the edge of the cage.
Take Su Nai forward to meet him, but Guo stepped on Lu’s arms and held his right leg in front of his abdomen to protect himself, so he stepped into the middle line. Take Su Nai’s body has reached the edge of the cage, and it is not easy to retreat, but he will go to the right side with his left leg over his right foot. Guo stepped on Lu’s civet cat tree and it was cracked by him.
Guo stepped on the civet cat tree and hugged his chest. At this time, his feet were exposed to the outside as soon as he landed. When Guo stepped on the ground, he walked off his left leg and suddenly the wild horse bounced back. The goal was Guo stepped on the waist and abdomen.
Guo Tread Lu wanted to start his leg again at this time, but he couldn’t come to Suo Xing, so he twisted his body and fell with his arms, and he landed to directly chop off this leg with his right hand, while his left hand hung on his elbow with his body, and his leg fell with his speed. With this fall, Guo Tread Lu’s huge body was directly attached to the ground.
See thank inch officer can’t help but call a good.
In fact, whether a person is tall or thin, stretching tendons and pulling bones can loosen joints and make people soft.
The family boxing loose also contains sinews and bones, and the body shape is soft, which can really make Tai Ji Chuan famous as Yang Di Lu Chan Gong. In his later years, he was able to roll ten copper coins into his mouth with one tongue, which shows that his muscles and bones are long and his body is soft.
However, the domestic boxing is not like the foreign boxers, but they relax their minds and muscles, so that the long muscles are gradually twisted and twisted in the process of practicing martial arts and boxing, and the extreme movement slowly twists their own bones and muscles.
Because of this, there is a pain in family boxing, which is caused by the slow twisting movement of the body itself at the limit of the body.
Therefore, it is a fallacy to say that you are relaxed if your bones and muscles are not soft.
Guo Ta-lu doesn’t stretch his muscles and pull out bones as often as other martial arts practitioners, but he strives to make every step in his boxing. This dragon-shaped lazy dragon has to practice energy-saving and relax to the ground.
As a result, he was so lazy that he was a big man, so soft that he clung to the ground like a paralyzed meat, and his legs screamed as the plate fell, and he slipped in and directly attached himself to the body of Na Su Nai. His left hand had taken the speed to get the ankle bone of his left leg so that he could not land.
This is that all martial arts sticking methods should prevent each other from achieving their first goal at all times.
Otherwise, it’s very likely that people will step on it when they land their feet, so they won’t be miserable if they step on it. If you go there, you’ll immediately bind yourself up and practice xingyi boxing and dragon-shaped bone search, which means that the joints of the ups and downs will be connected one after another, and the lazy dragons will be hidden in the dragon’s deep water.
Guo stepped on Lu’s body, holding a cup in his hands, and it collapsed directly. After taking Su Nai’s back, his heart gave a thumping sound, and his hind legs stepped out from behind as he got up. The goal was to take Su Nai’s lower back.
This leg strength fierce strength heavy direct one foot will take speed nai chuai to the edge of the cage, listen to hitched a take speed nai waist gave a permeability ring is hipbone to this pedal a bit twisted.
Take speed nai a scream stumbled down and couldn’t get up for a while.
Cebra’s representative in the cave opposite Taiwan was looking at the ugly face Se. Hades didn’t know what to say at the moment and lost again! to be continued
Chapter sixty-seven Shibata Hiro secret
Hades is also full of bitterness at this time. He never expected that Lin Bing’s boxing ring has lost nearly 30 games in a row. According to the original agreement, if the boxing ring doesn’t win 30 games in a row, it will be transferred to Serav for five years.
After the last few games, Lin Bing found a boxer who was not getting better but getting worse.
In fact, it is not that there is no good boxer in Malaysia who can beat Hadidi, but on the one hand, Hadidi’s father is very influential among Malays in Sabah. Many boxers used to make good friends with his father and were unwilling to be enemies with Hadidi. On the other hand, Serav also spent a lot of money, and many powerful boxers have promised not to accept Lin Bing’s invitation after receiving the benefits.
Lin Bingnai, on the other hand, dragged his fist and didn’t fight, but at the beginning of the bet, the contract had already stipulated that one party should not look for a boxer for more than a week or he would give up.
Cebra people have long believed that Lin Bing’s fight today to recognize this boxing ring as his own is a certain thing, so he made a special campaign to make himself gamble in the boxing ring. Old gamblers who don’t usually come to this boxing ring are here.
But I never expected that the boxer could not be found in the intelligence and was ready to give up. Lin Bing suddenly sang this when he saw that the week was about to be full.
Not only did boxers fight, but also men and women won two games in a row and played very J and jīng.
If Hades and others win 30 games in front of these two games, even if they win in vain, they will have to start again if they don’t give up, but it is still a problem for Lin Bing to accept love or not.
"What should I do?" Cebra’s hand looked at Hades eagerly. He could have got a reward from the boss after he finished it himself today.
"What can I do!" Hades glanced at these people around him, and he was very angry at the moment.
Today, these two boxing matches not only lost a fleet that was almost in hand, but also brought Sabah assets by themselves, which shrank by half without investment.
Lin Bing, the winner of the boxing ring, is the third boxer. No matter how annoyed he is, he has to deal with Hades after this one today and look at a Han beside him.
This is his younger brother Totua, but although he is a younger brother, Totua is an artist. Totua was already a famous boxer before Bahadur’s father became a master.
Moreover, the age difference between Hades and Totua is not much. During the learning process, they exchanged ideas and learned from each other, so they gradually developed a deeper friendship than others. Later, after Hades’ father died, Hades inherited his father’s boxing gym and invited Totua to teach in it.
In the later period, he managed more and more industries, and the boxing hall was handed over to Totua.
When Totua was young, he fought with a competitor and was physically disabled. He never got married, so he always followed Hades to help him with his affairs. This time, Hades fled, and Totua naturally joined him.
Looking at Hades’ eyes, Totua consciously took a step forward, knowing that he was sure that although the game wanted to make himself say that the good things were gone, the honor of Hades’ family still needed to be maintained. If he was to win, now the people around Hades were not equal to Hades in his kung fu.
Hades was about to take a conscious look at the boxer and immediately he couldn’t turn his eyes.
Although it was a little far from the cave where they were sitting in the lounge, he was sharp-eyed, but he recognized Xie Cunguan at a glance. Hades didn’t know Xie Cunguan’s position in the defense of Surabaya Chinatown, but he was no stranger to Xie Cunguan because he had a lot of dealings with Xie Cunguan in the boxing match between Chinese and Surabaya local boxers in Surabaya.
It was him! Hades’s eyes burst into anger.
Shibata Hiroshi is also contemplating his thoughts. He came to Sandakan City, Sabah with Hades for a reason.
Although Shibata Hiroshi planned an anti-Chinese riot in Surabaya, it was a complete failure because Xie Cunguan, a force entrusted by the media, finally achieved Indonesian Chinese’s long-cherished dream of autonomy.
According to Shibata Hiroshi, the samurai of the Black Dragon Club should commit suicide by cutting his belly.
However, due to an accident, Shibata Hiroshi’s trip to Indonesia was not only successful but also meritorious. This contribution is absolutely as important to the Ri Black Dragon Club as planning a successful riot.
And this thing is the same as the base built by Ri people during World War II where they are at the moment.
It turns out that Shibata Hiroshi has a strong imperial militarism thought in his bones, which is also the reason why he joined and rebuilt the Black Dragon Club. In his daily life, Shibata Hiroshi is very obsessed with Ri veterans during World War II, and he has collected a large number of things from Ri veterans during World War II in his home. It is said that the light helmet hat is filled with a whole room.
Besides, he doesn’t like to accept things that Ri started fighting during World War II almost abnormally.
It was when Xie Cunguan led the Chinese in Surabaya Chinatown to declare their autonomy, set up an autonomous Chinese army and occupied Surabaya that Shibata Hiroshi had not left Surabaya because he had blocked the city from entering and leaving, and he felt that he had not achieved it. He also hoped that the activities of the Black Dragon Club in Surabaya could help the zhèng fǔ incarnation army attack Surabaya at an appropriate time.
Of course, he didn’t expect that Xie Cunguan had no intention of real military confrontation long before he promoted Chinese autonomy. He was sure that multi-ethnic Indonesia was definitely not monolithic. He sent people to connect with those ambitious people early and had the opportunity to paralyze Indonesia.
As early as in the process of preparing for the boxing match, he had already shared information with the World Federation of Overseas Chinese through Yan Peilian, and received a large amount of donations from overseas Chinese. Moreover, it was because the Overseas Chinese Federation intervened in the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and believed his information, otherwise he would only say that those old people were J and jīng with a little affirmation.
Indonesian Chinese hated the anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia, big and small, and were willing to give money to support the Xie Cunguan plan. So some people in the Wang Yibing Chinese Federation went into Indonesia with huge sums of money before recruiting mercenaries around the world.
Even those arms were ready at that time.
A lot of arms are actually purchased directly from the Indonesian army, and some weapons are directly helped by the Indonesian army. These mercenaries have visited every large, medium and small city in Indonesia.
Later, the drama Zheng successfully paralyzed Indonesia zhèng fǔ incarnation and caused chaos in Indonesia.
Successfully realized Indonesian Chinese autonomy in the chaos.
Shibata Hiroshi’s execution of the Black Dragon Club to plan the anti-Chinese riots in Surabaya, Indonesia was a complete failure.
But it happened that Shibata Hiroshi was trapped in Surabaya and went out all day to inquire about the situation. He also walked around the streets of Indonesia. I saw a Ri intelligence officer who often carried a file bag in a memorial shop during World War II, which was like a square hard brick like a small box.
Many Ri officers recite them, but intelligence personnel are slightly different from ordinary officers.
Most people can’t tell the difference, but Shibata Hiroshi, who is obsessed with collecting such things, can tell it, and when he looks at this bag in the store, he feels surprised when he touches the secret compartment, because this kind of intelligence officer box has a secret compartment that has been made long ago to put some important things in it. Even if the average person gives you the bag, you can’t find it after looking around.