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People are nervous about all kinds of arrangements and meals, while the Feng family members are happily preparing the handover ceremony and procedures to welcome the guests.

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Gulai City, the original wind family, is a declining small family. The ceremony of the handover of the patriarch’s position has aroused others’ ideas. After all, even if the patriarch is dead, it is difficult for a small family to affect others’ lives.
However, nowadays, the wind family is different. Because of this great opportunity, the wind family has rapidly developed into one of the best families in Gulai Empire. The handover ceremony of the family patriarch’s position naturally attracted many forces in Gulai City.
In order to let all the forces in Gulai City know about Yifeng’s future patriarch’s informal dinner, Feng invited the leaders of the major forces to attend the ceremony of Feng’s long succession.
Early in the morning, all the major forces in Gulai City came to congratulate them with gifts. Even the mercenary group ranked first in Gulai City, the mercenary group of the third king and even the elders of the auction house Wang Chao came.
Although these people were all red-eyed at the auction, they almost didn’t take out their crotch guns to spray each other, but privately they all maintained a false peace on the surface. This time, all the major forces came to Fenggu with ulterior motives to attend the handover ceremony. It was the weasel who gave the chicken a New Year greeting with no good intentions.
Feng Tianhe, Feng Qing and other people eagerly welcomed the guests who came to attend the handover ceremony of the patriarch’s position, and the Feng family members also returned.
After all, the patriarch’s succession is a prosperous time for the family, and even people who do business in other places have to come back to attend, which leads to the wind family being full of people and strengthening Laicheng to attend the handover ceremony. The number of his power leaders has reached nearly a thousand, and there are hundreds of people except his power.
Even if his influence is intentional, the family leader’s handover ceremony is disruptive, but he has to weigh it. He dare not play too much.
"Wind clan, your unique clan successor contest is really unique. I’m afraid that Gulai City is the only one in the whole Gulai Empire." Qian Hao, the king’s mercenary group, looked at the wind crane with a smile and said, "The descendants of the wind clan really have excellent unity and good talent, otherwise how could every session be the successor of the wind clan?" Everyone said it was. "
"This is natural. If there is a windy family and other people can stand out from the clan trials, the clan position will naturally belong to who." Feng Tianhe said calmly, although this sentence is like farting, it is very loud and natural. He naturally understands the meaning in Qian Haohao’s words, but he did not send it.
The old foxes, such as Fengtian Crane and Fengqing, can hide well, but the younger generation, such as Fengting and Fengwen, are not so kind. Their faces are a little ugly or others know something.
Feng Ting and others were reminded of the man who made a blockbuster in the first trial of the patriarch five years ago because of Qian Hao’s words. If the patriarch and his elders had not joined hands to get rid of that man and her son, I’m afraid the patriarch’s position now belongs to ordinary people.
Obviously, the patriarch’s successor trial is a stunt. It is a fact that the patriarch’s successor will always belong to the Feng family no matter how it is selected. Presumably, every patriarch’s trial has always kept the patriarch’s position from being taken away by outsiders.
In fact, the wind family will decline more and more, which is why.
Imagine that every amazing generation in the Feng family will be obliterated in this way and how it can grow and develop.
Patriarch succession contest is not to promote the progress of Feng family, but to dig out people who are a threat to Feng family from ordinary people in this way, so as to kill the future troubles and form a platform to kill potential brothers, which precisely leads to the fact that Feng family has never had any strong people and has been declining.
"If it’s really like * wind heads said, we can consider arranging a few of our own people to come and fight for a ha ha ha", head of the wolf mercenary group Xue Lang laughed.
Xue Lang is a mature and handsome middle-aged man, but he has a strong figure, but he is not old at all. Instead, he is more attractive than young people. It is his eerie beast-like breath and wolf-like eyes that make the whole person look creepy and cold.
The wolf-head mercenary group was named because of its ruthless personality and cruel means, such as a beast and homophonic name. With years of hard work, Gulai City has made a big name.
Although the wolf mercenary group ranks 10 out of many forces, it does not dare to provoke the wolf mercenary group, because the people in the wolf mercenary group are ruthless and cruel, and they are all like wolves, and they also have wolf unity and belong to rare social creatures among human beings.
"Before the handover of the real clan leader, I did have an entertaining discussion." The crazy war mercenary group Wu Zhantian suddenly got up and looked at the big powerful people. All of them belonged to Gao Zhuang. Because he was a fighting madman, he let his body exude a violent and overbearing atmosphere, and his eyes swept everywhere, which made many people feel a little horrified.
"Wu colonel might as well say it," the wind crane turned to look at Wu Zhantian and said.
"Why don’t we take this opportunity to let our women have a contest? Our time has passed. It won’t be long before we are still at the helm. Why don’t we let them get to know each other first and let them choose their own opponents?" Wu Zhantian said with a smile that it’s really three sentences. I don’t forget to fight when I’m in a wedding at home.
"That’s a good idea," echoed Qian Hao, the king’s mercenary group.
Wind crane naturally knows that these people are trying to make a fool of Feng Wen, but these people have a reasonable reason to agree to the request. If Feng Wen fails, I’m afraid he will become a laughing stock. People will say that the successor of Feng Family Chief is vulnerable and anyone can win this position, but if he refuses, Feng Family will dare not take up the battle.
"The younger generation is not as respectful as it is obedient." Feng Wen saw his father’s concern and came out. Many seniors and thousands of people commented that they were still calm and stage fright, showing that they were calm when they spoke.
Wind crane, wind Qing and other members of the wind family are all gratified and want to fly to the Cloud Gate to practice. These days, Wen Er not only has a unique strength, but also has a mature mind.
"Then why don’t we have a roof challenge? It’s wide and convenient to compete." Feng Wen indifferently said that lunch went out first, and many eyes watched Feng Wen’s body as light as a swallow and easily flew as high as three feet. The vertical kung fu alone made many people feel envious and ashamed.
"Then I’ll learn a lesson from the heads of families in the future." Qian Haoer Qian Kai, the head of the king’s mercenary group, also jumped with a jerk, but the fire element was somewhat inferior in his posture and flying skills. A wooden pillar borrowed Fang Fei’s soul from the roof.
Hand-written novels
Chapter three hundred and twenty-six Find the beast spirit
Welcome you to come.
Wu hun
The leaders of the major forces in the hall went outside and looked up at the two people on the roof, while others naturally dared not get too close to these leaders, preferring to make room for them in the crowd.
In this way, many misbehaving animals are beautiful. At this time, everyone is almost caught together like a Chinese hamburger. Many girls’ bodies are suddenly attacked by salty pigs from all sides, but they don’t know where to sneak up.
At one time, all the important parts of women, such as buttocks, breasts and thighs, felt strange. No matter where they moved, they were inevitably attacked by salty pigs, pretending to refuse and resisting. Once they didn’t get the effect, the girls felt at ease and enjoyed it silently.
"Please enlighten me." Qian Kai squinted in front of Feng Wen and laughed.
"If I make moves just now, you have already lost." Feng Wen said indifferently.
Qian Kai was stunned when he was one leng, but when he thought about it, he was relieved. Qian Kaifei’s performance on the roof was a little hard, and once he was in a high position, Feng Wen was afraid that his posture was inferior. Where can Qian Kai talk on the roof when he has been beaten?
"It’s so small. It’s something."
Many leaders secretly praised and realized that Feng Wen chose the roof as the venue for the competition, not because the roof was spacious, but because of his own posture advantage to give others a horse.
It is very unfavorable for people with a little bad posture to fight on the roof. Once they fall off the roof, they will be humiliated and thrown to grandma, aunt and aunt’s house.
"I’m good at flying clouds for two days." Qian Kai didn’t expect Feng Wen to play this trick. In front of everyone, I was embarrassed by the wind, and my face turned red like a flame.
Fire burns us! !
In an instant, Qian Kai not only turned red in the face, but also his arms became red as if they were spread rapidly by flames. His palms were like red-hot iron palms. If he took off his clothes, he would find that his body was already burning with fire, emitting a hot heat wave.
This kind of achievement method is quite strange, and the primary order of Xuanjie is not low. It can ignite the fire element force and make the body parts become amazing weapons. Moreover, if the opponent is in close combat with his opponent’s limbs and hits him, he will also be countered by the fire element force.
But if you don’t touch Qian Kai’s body, you won’t be burned by flames and definitely fight back.