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He thought of every moment from his childhood, of the first-grade female teacher in primary school, and of the fact that he had a crush on that female classmate from the first grade. Is that teacher still alive? Is that female classmate married now? Is she happy? He thought of some naughty boys. Are they all fathers?

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His thoughts and memories before middle school, because his parents died in a car accident after middle school, everything has changed, become fragmented, become horrible and bloody …
People always like to recall the happy past, and the waves are also what people avoid. Unhappy things sink into happy memories.
He thinks he has a crush on his female classmate after so many years. She can’t remember her appearance, but she still remembers giggling with that horse’s tail …
A sweet wind came and a warm body lay in his arms and put his head on his shoulder. It was Liu Yifei!
Liu Yifei gently lying in the arms of the waves feels like lying in the arms of his own man! It’s new and ridiculous-does she have a man?
She didn’t laugh at this moment. It is a dream of many girls to watch the moon quietly with a man. How easy it is to realize this dream, but how far away it is!
She pulled the wave hand to let him hold her in his arms, and she just lay quietly in his arms. She looked at his hands, which had just been killed. They were still clean and slender, and the white moonlight gave off a warm breath.
They chatted casually about the happy past and laughed from time to time. In the quiet night, the quiet moonlight scattered like beating notes, which made the night quiet and warm!
Now they have no scheming, no cheating, and they have spent the night in vain. Everything has changed again, becoming cruel, cold-blooded, utilitarian and cold-blooded!
Tonight, they are two pure people, a pure man and a woman without burning * * without indulgence * * with quiet feelings that have passed away for a long time …
She felt a little cold, so he gently hugged her in his arms, and she felt warm. He smelled her scent, and she smelled his manly breath, which made her fascinated by manly breath!
His hands are a little cold but still warm, hugging her and stroking her skin consciously. No * * is a kind of skin blind date.
Her hands were a little cold, too, so he took her hand in the palm and cared for her like a woman and a considerate husband.
They occasionally kiss a shallow kiss, which is a kind of warmth and needs to lubricate each other’s frozen lips
It’s getting dark …
This night club has passed …
Everything is different again …
Don’t like friends, don’t enter!
Matsushima apricot likes killing people, abusing others and abusing herself. Now she also accepts her fate calmly!
-I don’t know if the waves killed her for a moment and she also had pleasure and * *?
No one can answer this question because she took it to hell!
The waves raised their fists-bloodthirsty fists!
The audience didn’t shout, but held their breath and waited for the bloody scene that the waves punched. It would be more exciting!
Matsushima apricot still smiles in her eyes, and her body still brings a lot of blood every time!
She was lying in a pool of blood, red clothes and red blood made her look like a bright flower, trying to bloom in the end, and then dying and disappearing quickly!
The waves crouched down and looked at Matsushima apricot’s eyes and looked at the meaning expressed in her eyes. He read a lot, but he didn’t understand a lot.
The waves know that this is the fate of Matsushima apricot!
-his fist suddenly hit!
In one boxing, the throat of Matsushima apricot is crunchy!
Matsushima apricot smile is condensed!
The audience got up from their seats and craned their necks to make various reactions, including cheering, screaming, vomiting and dizziness!
No one looked at the waves. Calm down, get up, walk in the ring and walk out of the hall!
Liu Yifei hurriedly chased out far behind the waves.
The waves came out, and the cool night wind blew me very comfortably.
He went outside the villa and a big tree looked up at the sky and the moon.
How long has it been since he looked up at the moon? He doesn’t know it himself!