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Rogge covered his mouth and couldn’t help crying out. There are monsters in this light Ri! No, what the hell is going on here? How can there be such a humanoid creature in this world?

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"What the hell is this? There are also shaped monsters in this world? " Rogge asked the little black
Black is also a blank face. "No, how can there be monsters in this world? This creature summons Big 6. Although there are many kinds of strange creatures, there are few creatures that can be eaten like people. What’s worse, this thing looks exactly like people. It’s really a ghost in broad daylight!"
Speaking of which, even Xiaohei is a little scared. Is this light, white and haunted?
In order to find out what this thing is, Rogge boldly approached the man, although he was a little scared, but Rogge still summoned up his courage.
"Hey, eldest brother, you …"
Rogge just patted the man on the shoulder and saw that the man suddenly turned his face, but this turn immediately frightened Rogge.
Rogge took a step back almost out of consciousness, and his heart kept beating because the face in front of him was really-the French language was simply ugly. Rogge was faced with an ugly face. Rogge had never seen such a disgusting face, because this face almost lost all human ugliness, black skin and general facial features, not to mention his nose and mouth almost twisted together, and his face was covered with a few disgusting long hairs. Who is this person? Is this still a person? What the fuck gave birth to him? Luo Geqiang’s self-occupation is extremely uncomfortable.
"Is this still a person?"
However, when Rogge just thought about it, he felt that something seemed to be wrong. When he saw that man’s head with horns again, it must be a monster, and it was uglier than a monster.
As soon as the ugly monster turned around, he saw a face. The monster with a naturally dull face looked at Rogge. Then Rogge saw a box of rouge in his hand. Yes, it was rouge. Rogge confirmed that it was suspicious. Rogge saw it in the play, just like the ancient rouge box.
Rouge? Isn’t rouge a woman’s thing? Why does this monster carry a box of rouge with him? When I thought of looking at that ugly face here, Rogge couldn’t help but feel a stir in his stomach. Whether this thing is a monster or not, even if it is a monster, Rogge should look at this box of rouge and look at that face again. It’s not advisable to stay here for a long time, so he should leave quickly, or he will have to be stunned by this living scene.
Said Rogge is going to withdraw.
However, at this time, the horned monster looked at Rogge, and then he saw a trace of contempt from Rogge’s eyes. Looking at the horned monster in his eyes, he couldn’t help but fight.
"What are you looking at? Damn human beings, roll quickly. I don’t want to see you roll again, so you will regret it!"
I didn’t expect this monster to be a good scolding when it was exported. Yu wanted to escape. Rogge was surprised at first sight. What the hell is this? It’s just ugly. How can you call names? Is psychology abnormal to the extreme? And it’s a man with a woman’s rouge in his hand. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. It’s really a pervert
"What did you say? You have something to say again! " Rogge is a human being, and he has a little dignity. How can he hold back when he sees a monster insulting himself?
Rogge was so cruel, but the monster’s one-step action ended Rogge’s earthquake. How could there be something so unreasonable on the spot?
To put it mildly, this monster’s emotional intelligence is so low that others can’t have any eyes and opinions.
Seeing that the horned monster suddenly grabbed the mud in the stream and threw it at Rogge, Rogge almost got caught, but fortunately, Rogge moved quickly before being thrown.
"It’s just that you throw it slowly. I can’t afford to hide, not to be taunted." Rogge Xun pulled away from his inferiority complex and ran away in hatred.
Come on, there’s nothing but a monster who drinks water by a river, and all these things seem to have been provoked by himself. I have to look at others. To be honest, Rogge also sympathizes with this monster. Even if the monster was born, it wouldn’t be like this. Hey, I blame you for your inferiority. Take your time here.
Rogge walked on and arrived at a small village in less than half a day.
"The scenery in this village is really beautiful. It’s simply pleasing to the eye." The small bridge, the running water, the windmill, the lotus flowers, the blue sky and the blue water are also reflected in the blue sky. How many fish have swam in the water? This really is a paradise. It would be best if you could support the elderly here.
In a good mood, Rogge paced slowly in the village, and unconsciously began to hum past pop songs, such as Jane Zhang, Jay Chou and so on. That was Lang Lang’s mouth.
Rogge was in a good mood and took a leisurely walk, but when he saw the villagers in this village, he felt a little strange. Whether it was young or old, he seemed to be worried. Not one person, but almost all the villagers looked like this, and one thing surprised Rogge. It seemed that he had never seen a young woman or a young girl since he came into this village, let alone talk about it.
When I come to Rogge, I also plan to chat up some lovely peasant girls while enjoying this beautiful scenery. What a dare! It’s a single village where men are worried about hoes. Are they worried about not finding a wife?
"How do you feel a little strange? How do you find something strange today? !” First, the adventure by the stream, which will be very inconsistent with the life atmosphere of the villagers, is enough to make Rogge depressed, and the more he thinks about it, the more he feels abnormal.
Chapter 34 The flower thief?
Rogge went straight to a simple teahouse in the village.
Rogge asked for a cup of green tea and a bag of peanuts with skins. The teahouse was deserted, and there was no customer, no one playing leaf cards, and no one complained that there was a teahouse owner sitting in a chair and chatting.
After drinking a mouthful of green tea and eating a few peanuts, Rogge couldn’t help asking the teahouse owner his doubts, "Old man, why are you alone in this teahouse?" And how do I feel that everyone in the village is weird and doesn’t seem to talk? "
Rogge has been holding back for a long time, and it’s not a taste to ask now.
At this time, the old man in the chair looked up and looked at Rogge. He sighed first and then said, "You are a stranger, right? You don’t know something. How can these people have a good mood when things happen in the village!"
"Something happened in the village? What is it? Let the villagers be so worried. "